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We’ve got the background to guide you through countless travel writing questions:

  •  which magazines to pitch
  •  what editors are looking for
  •  how to find the right magazines for you
  •  tailoring your pitch to fit the magazine
  •  coming up with saleable ideas in the first place
  •  setting up interviews and organizing your article structure
  •  setting goals so that you have a marketing plan to meet your income requirements 
  •  landing on-going writing gigs through job ads or pitching tourism boards and companies on your own 
  •  self- or traditionally publishing books
  •  ghostwriting and ghostblogging
  •  landing press trips
  •  deciding which travel industry conferences to attend 
  •  making a plan to get the most out of your conference investment 
  •  saving money on air travel, whether booking with cash or with miles  
  •  organizing your travels and connecting with tourism boards
  •  and more!